3-Workshop Ashtanga Vinyasa Polarity Series

Saturdays 8:30am-11:00am at Awake Boulder Yoga Studio

October 27, 2018 — Krama/Vikrama: Standing, Balancing & Inverting
November 3, 2018 — Prana/Apana: Forward Bending & Hip Opening
November 10, 2018 — Ida/Pingala: Twisting & Backbending

Investment: $135 for the series
Please pay in full via PayPal to jendpeters@gmail.com to reserve your spot!

Jen Peters is excited to offer a series of 3 Saturday morning workshops at Awake Boulder, each detailing a different set of yogic polarities and focusing on a different category of asana. Each class will build on the previous one and address methodologies that are difficult to learn in other class formats, including basic pranayama in support of the theme of the day.

This series is intended for students with a vinyasa yoga practice, who are interested in deepening their understanding of external forms, the internal forms of breath and bandha, yoga philosophy and its intersection with psychology and neuroscience. Students can expect to gain skill, confidence and benefit from practice like never before. So get your yoga on early and have the rest of your Saturday to enjoy other fall activities!

In case you’re considering enrolling in one of Jen Peter’s 200-hour teacher trainings in 2019 (more details coming soon), this would be a great way to sample her teaching style, and as an added incentive, those taking this series can apply $50 towards tuition!

Please feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns. Looking forward to seeing you there


Awake Boulder Yoga Studio