Schedule of Classes at awake BOULDER Yoga Studio

Check out the current schedule of yoga, tai chi and qigong classes available at awake BOULDER! During our soft launch, we have yoga classes Monday through Friday at 5:45 pm. As well as Saturday mornings at 9 am! We will always keep this page updated to reflect class cancellations and/or teacher substitutions.

Right now, there is loud construction noise of the Boulder Commons going on directly across the street everyday. Once that subsides, we plan to add additional class times and teachers. We anticipate this being sometime in the Fall. At that time, we also plan to host an open house for the community.

To keep posted about future happenings, please keep an eye out on our Events page. Or consider joining our mailing list. This is also how you can learn about special workshops that might take place outside of our regularly scheduled classes.


All classes on the schedule are only $10 at awake BOULDER Yoga!